Eithne* McCredie is Circulation Manager of Maisonneuve, Quill & Quire and Canadian Art, and was CM of Marketing for many years.   Eithne also manages circulation marketing projects for a number of titles, including Toronto Special Events, Small Farm Canada, What's Up Kids, and Messenger of Saint Anthony.

Eithne is a travelling consultant for Magazines Canada, and teaches circulation marketing in seminars across Canada.

Before co-founding Abacus, Eithne was Circulation Manager of Saturday Night and Toronto Life & Fashion

*[tip: it's pronounced "eth-nee"]

Jon Spencer is Circulation Manager for Ski Canada, Opera Canada, the Literary Review of Canada, and the North American editions of New Internationalist. Jon recently spent a year as Acting Group Circulation Director for St Joseph Media (including Toronto Life, Wish, Wedding Bells, and Gardening Life). He has also worked for Azure, the Ryerson Review of Journalism, Canadian HR Reporter, Owlkids, and Transcontinental.

Jon is one of Magazines Canada's travelling consultants, and has conducted research and analysis on circulation matters for the Department of Canadian Heritage and Magazines Canada.

Before starting Abacus, Jon was Circulation Director of Canadian Art, OWL & Chickadee and Radio Guide, after starting his circulation career at Mother Jones magazine and launching Peace Magazine.

Sarah Watt has been Abacus's maternity leave expert for the past few years, acting as Circulation Manager for Canadian Business, MoneySense, Flare, Profit, Today's Parent and Chatelaine.

Since she joined Abacus in 1996, Sarah has served as Circulation Manager of Shift and has managed numerous campaigns for Novalis and for St Joseph Media's titles Fashion, Wish,and Gardening Life, among others.

Prior to Abacus, Sarah was Circulation Manager of Canadian Business and Profit.